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Taxis Andique Central


The Taxis Andique Central ACE
has been in Braga for over forty years, relying so, on extensive experience in transport by taxi at national level. The success of Andique is supported by experienced professionals in driving and deep knowledge of the road. Also, they understand and speak several languages which facilitates dialogue with any client.

From the management up to our splitters and drivers we are fully committed to providing a fast and efficient service and 100% satisfaction of the customer, at truly competitive prices. We are the most innovative taxi company in the sector, our fleet is extensive and modern and our drivers are experienced, friendly and efficient. We serve short distances (local) and long and make transfers from airports, train stations and bus stops.

We contemplate all occasions, so whether a person is trying to arrive on time to work or a group wants to return home after a night out, Andique offers a friendly door to door service. We provide a complete service for special occasions such as weddings, christenings or corporate parties (value assigned per vehicle). Accessibility is not overlooked and as such, we also have vehicles for transport of people with disabilities.

We have a fleet of 67 vehicles maintained to the highest standards of quality and comfort and are about one hundred drivers aged between 27 and 65, some of us with higher education, that however, entered this profession by passion.

We are on call 24 hours a day and we guarantee the quality of services leaving to your consideration the choice of car and driver. There are around 13,000 taxi drivers in Portugal but we believe to be the leaders in the sector.